It all started with a pinball…

… and that’s all it took to get Gene Lewin hooked. After operating and owning several arcades called Pinball Plus through the 1980’s and early 90’s, he took his skill and love of arcades and started Vintage Amusement Superstore. A few years later, he changed the name and we’ve been Vintage Arcade Superstore ever since.

Vintage Arcade Superstore has become the largest and most respected re-seller of arcade games and pinball machines in the state of California. We’re pretty confident that we’re the largest re-seller on the West Coast if not the entire Western United States! With over 400 arcade and pinball games on our price list, we’ve become the one-stop shop for collectors, hobbyists, arcade enthusiasts, and plenty of people who just want to own that special piece of their childhood.

Beyond just sales, we rent our games out for events and parties to customers all over the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. From birthdays to corporate events, we love being able to provide games to make your special event even more unique! We’ve even rented some of our games to production studios and our games have appeared on popular television shows like Modern Marvels, The Goldbergs, The New Normal,  and Fresh Off the Boat.

Our 11,000 square foot home in Glendale, California houses hundred of classic arcade video games and pinball machines with household names like Pacman, Street Fighter, and Tron. Our technicians have combined experience of over 100 years, and are some of the most qualified arcade mechanics in the business. If you already have a game, but you need it repaired, our knowledgeable techs are more than happy to help!

If you’re looking for the coolest fighting game to add to your game room, or you just want that nostalgic piece of your childhood, Vintage Arcade Superstore is proud to be your supplier. Whether you’re in the Los Angeles area or on the other side of the globe, we can ship just about anywhere, and we’re confident we can get you the arcade or pinball machine you want. Our games are made with love before they come to you, and we hold ourselves to very high industry quality standards. We’re sure that you’ll be satisfied with your Vintage Arcade product. We stand behind our products and all of our games come with a 90-day warranty. Should anything happen to your game, we’ll make sure it gets fixed.

Here is an article that was in the local Glendale News Press when I started selling games in 1995.

I (ordered a) 1983/1985 combo-pack Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back arcade game that Gene and his amazing team fixed and restored for me in a brilliantly fast amount of time!  And they delivered it safe and sound to my home!

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This place is simply awesome.  Back in October, we threw my son’s 9th birthday party here.  10 kids, two hours of video games.  They were in heaven.  Frankly, I enjoyed it too as I got to play pinball and video games from my youth.  If you have a child who loves video games, this is a unique, can’t miss party.  Great employees and Gene the owner, was awesome too.

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Gene sold me a wonderful and trouble-free 50 arcade games in one stand up arcade unit, and my kids and I always compete to see who gets the highest score. I recommend you visit Vintage arcade and buy the arcade game you always loved playing as a kid.

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Gene is the BEST!  Not only did we have the most hilariously nostalgic party ever, but Gene and Andee were there every step of the way to make sure the party went smoothly.  An annual pilgrimage to the Vintage Arcade Superstore is definitely in our future plans.  Thanks Gene and Andee for a great time and for helping us all feel like kids again!

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