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Control a World War II fighter plane and shoot down enemy aircraft. Collect power-ups for your weapons and dodge oncoming fire.

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Here is a 1942 arcade game for sale. Destroy the Japanese air fleet in this vertical scrolling shooter game. Made by Capcom in 1984, it was the first game in the 19XX series. Set in the South Pacific, the goal of the game is to make your way through the oncoming Japanese fleet, destroying their planes and avoiding enemy fire. Use a back-roll maneuver to avoid any enemy fire, and collect power-ups in the form of two additional fighters flying beside the main plane. Make it all the way to Tokyo and get the Japanese to surrender! Upgrade your 1942 from a CRT to a 19″ LCD screen for $250. This game is also available for full restoration (side art, marquee art, control panel artwork, and new controls) for an additional $500. *Please note: 1942 was created as a conversion kit originally, so there is not an original cabinet for this specific game. We would use a generic arcade cabinet from the same era to build your specific game*

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