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Here’s a Ataxx Arcade game for  sale! A puzzle arcade video game that is similar to the game Othello. 

Vintage Arcade Superstore’s Ataxx arcade game comes it its own original, dedicated cabinet. The dedicated cabinet includes two track balls, rather than a conversion kit that includes joysticks.

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Ataxx Arcade Game

Here’s an Ataxx Arcade for sale. The Ataxx arcade game is a 1 or 2-player strategy game based on a 7×7 tiled grid. A player attempts to secure a greater number of tiles than his/her opponent by moving his/her playing pieces in a manner similar to checkers.

The object of the game is to fill the board with your colored pieces. This is done by moving your piece adjacent to your opponent’s piece and turning his pieces to your color. Two types of moves can be made during the game: first, placing a piece adjacent to one of your own duplicates it or second, a piece may be moved two spaces, but it will not be duplicated. The number and arrangement of obstacles in the playfield changes between each round, so strategies must be changed in order to accommodate these barriers.
Eventually, all the empty spaces on the board are filled and the player with the most colored pieces wins. In single-player mode if the human player wins, he or she must face a more difficult computer opponent in the next round.

The dedicated machine has a very large, colorful marquee that contains several red and blue blobs. The control panel contains one red and one blue trackball and a button for each player. The more common conversion kit games use a joystick for cursor movement instead of a trackball.

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