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BurgerTime Cocktail Tabletop Arcade Game

Here is a nice original Burger Time arcade game table that is working good.  It is in the original Midway cabinet with the original circuit board inside.  It has all original factory artwork in nice condition.  Everything is working correctly.  All of the sound is correct during game play. There is normal wear and tear along the bottom edge of the table base and edges of consoles (shown in pictures). The 19″ picture tube monitor has a very nice picture.  The monitor will be recapped before shipping it out.  This is not a multigame or reproduction, it is the real thing made in 1982.  It’s very rare to find this game in the table version.  It’s ready to plug and play.  We can set it up to take quarters or be on free play.   This is being sold by an arcade dealer with lots of experience.  The game comes with a 90 day warranty.

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Donkey Kong Trio

Donkey Kong Trio is a Cabinet that contains some of your favorite Nintendo classics which are Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., and Mario Bros.

The following is from the Arcade Museum:

Name: Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong Jr. / Mario Bros.
Developer: Nintendo

Year: 2004
Type: Videogame

Class: Wide Release

Donkey Kong Description

Jumpman — known today as Mario — must traverse levels structures to save his girlfriend, Pauline, from Donkey Kong before time runs out. The levels include Girders, Rivets, Elevators, and Conveyor Belts. Mario must avoid flames, barrels, and bouncing rivets to reach his goal.

Game Play

You are a workman named Mario who climbs girders and ladders and will stop at nothing to save his stolen love from the clutches of the giant ape.

Using the joystick and the Jump button, you maneuver Mario over rolling barrels, away from falling barrels. You also move him over or away from fireballs and cement tubs, away from bouncing rivets. You go up and down ladders, along girders and conveyor belts, onto elevators, over rivets to remove them. Then over dangerous crevices, to get to where the ape holds the girl captive. For additional points, Mario gathers items that the girl has dropped on her way to the top of the building. Mario can also grab a hammer to smash barrels, fireballs, and cement tubs for additional points. But the hammer can only be used for a limited amount of time.

On the Girder, Elevator and Conveyor Belt levels, whenever Mario reaches Pauline, Donkey Kong will grab her and carry her off to the next higher level. But on the Rivet level, Mario must remove all the rivets on each and every floor by running or jumping over them. After all the rivets are removed, Donkey Kong will fall head first onto a stack of girders and be knocked out and then Mario and Pauline will be together again for good. Afterwards, the game starts over again with increased difficulty.

Donkey Kong Junior Description

The player controls a small monkey who must leap from platforms, climb vines, and avoid enemies to rescue Donkey Kong from Mario. The game has several distinct levels with similar goals. Fruit can be dropped on enemies leg traps and birds to kill them.

Game Play

The games has four different levels: The Vines, The Chains, The Jumpboard and The Hideout.

On the Vine level, Junior must climb up vines and walk across platforms to get to the key at the top of the screen while avoiding or jumping over red and blue Snapjaws. The red Snapjaws move back and forth but the blue Snapjaws only move in a straight line and in random directions. Junior can also destroy these pursuers by dropping fruit onto them. Junior can also jump over them while he moves across a platform. When Junior reaches the key at the top of the screen, Mario pushes the cage with Donkey Kong in it away and then you proceed to the next level. The same thing happens on the Jumpboard level and Hideout level.

On the Jumpbaord level, Junior can jump onto jumpboards to make himself jump high, he also must jump onto moving platforms and grab onto and climb moving cables followed by chains while avoiding deadly purple birds.

Then on the Hideout level, Junior must avoid or drop fruit onto deadly electrodes that move across the platforms and on the cables that are climbed on.

On the Chain level, Junior must climb up and down chains and place keys into the keyholes to help Donkey Kong break free while avoiding or dropping fruit onto red Snapjaws and blue birds. After Junior has freed Donkey Kong from the cage when the last key is placed in it’s keyhole, the screen freezes, all the game elements disappear, and Mario and Donkey Kong both fall down. Junior catches his father safely and then they punch Mario a good one to teach him a lesson. Afterwards, the game starts over again with increased difficulty.

Mario Bros. Description

Turtles, crabs, and flies come pouring out of the waterworks. Hit the floor beneath them to flip them over, then kick them into the water. Collect coins for bonus points.

Game Play

The first player controls Mario blue and the second player controls Luigi green. You can either work together to kill all the opponents, or compete by putting the other player in a position to be killed.

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