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Smash TV Arcade Game

Smash TV is a game show themed, dual-stick shooting game. The Smash TV arcade game was produced by Williams and originally released in 1990. Players can work alone or team up with another person to stem waves of enemies while making their way through the set of a popular television show.

Eugene Jarvis designed this particular arcade game, and it’s play-style mirrors that of an earlier hit of his called Robotron: 2084. While moving through each room players will often hear the game show’s Host commentary: “Total Carnage! I love it!” and “I’d buy that for a dollar!” The latter is a reference to the character Bixby Snyder, a character from the 1987 Robocop film.

The final battle of the game is between the Player(s) and the Host of Smash TV. The show’s Host, voiced by the game’s sound designer Paul Heitsch. The script was written entirely by the game’s composer, Jon Hey.


At the beginning of the Smash TV arcade game, players are given a brief overview of the plot as it scrolls up the screen. The text reads as follows:

The year is 1999. Television has adapted to the more violent nature of man.
The most popular form of television remains the game show. One show in particular has dominated the ratings.
That show is Smash T.V. The most violent game show of all time. Two lucky contestants compete for cash and prizes. Each contestant is armed with an assortment of powerful weapons and sent into a closed arena.
The action takes place in front of a studio audience and is broadcast live via satellite around the world.
Be prepared. The future is now. You are the next lucky contestant!


Players travel room to room eliminating enemies, collecting different weapons and their respective power-ups, picking up keys and gathering cash prizes for the camera. Players that collect enough keys during their playthrough also have the option of accessing an additional bonus level called the Pleasure Dome.










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