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Time Crisis 3 Arcade Game

The Time Crisis 2 arcade game, the sequel to the wildly-popular Time Crisis, was released by Namco in 1998. You can get a single Time Crisis 3 arcade game for $2995.00.


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Time Crisis 3 Arcade Game

The Time Crisis 3 arcade game, the sequel to the wildly-popular Time Crisis, was released by Namco in 1998.  This sequel came out in 2003.  In this version you can choose your weapon, you can have a machine gun, shotgun or rocket launcher.  It comes with the recoil guns.  The 2 player cabinet is very nice looking with the lighted pedestals.

The following is from the Arcade Museum:


This is the third installment of the TIME series. The foot pedal that allows you to duck and reload is still here, and so is the ability to work with a partner as well as the guns recoil. The games graphics are immensely better than TC2, with smooth animation and very detailed character models. The games length is reasonable for a shooter, not to long and not to short. The one noticalbe change besides the graphics, is the ability to chose different wepons while you’re ducking. There’s a handgun, machine gun, grenade launcher, and a gun that fires multiple bullets in one shot. With each enemy you eliminate, you gain differnt ammo depending on what weapon the enemy possesed. However you cannot run out of normal hand gun ammo. This is a great game that won’t dissapoint Time Crisis fans and will also create many new ones.

Time Crisis 3 was produced by Namco in 2003

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