• Currently unrestored but can be brought to full restoration
  • Game functions, in good condition
  • Inspired by Disney Film, Tron, the uniquely shaped upright cabinet featured characters and objects from the movie on the sideart, while the control panel and much of the other cabinet surfaces were painted with circuit lines similar to those seen in many of the films set designs. The control panel also featured a pair of blacklights, one located just above the controls behind a clear plastic shield and one underneath the panel together, these caused the translucent blue joystick and the fluorescent paint used on the cabinet circuit lines to glow. In a darkened arcade, the effect was quite eerie. One of the most highly sought games of the era.
  • Featured in The Encyclopedia of Arcade Video Games: Page 136; Arcade Fever: Page 114; Spawned a sequel game and a sequel film.

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Classic 1982 Tron Arcade Game

The Tron arcade game was released by Bally Midway in 1982; based-on and released in parallel with Walt Disney Productions’ Tron movie. Players of this classic arcade game will remember each of the subgames: Light Cycles, Battle Tanks, Input/Output Tower and of course the MCP Cone.

For those looking for a Tron arcade game for sale, you’re in luck. Here at Vintage Arcade Superstore, we have have a Tron game in good, working condition. The cabinet is not currently restored but can be easily cleaned up or even fully restored with original side art and more, to suit even the most particular fans.  The restorations are really beautiful.

1983 Bally/Midway. Unique Upright Cabinet. Measures 71.5 x24.7 5x 36″.




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