Pengo Cocktail Tabletop Arcade Game



Pengo Cocktail Tabletop Arcade Game

Here is a nice original Pengo arcade game table that is working good.  It is in the original Sega cabinet with the original circuit board inside.  It has all original factory artwork in nice condition.  Everything is working correctly.  All of the sound is correct during game play. The 19″ picture tube monitor has a very nice picture.  The monitor will be recapped before shipping it out.  This is not a multigame or reproduction, it is the real thing made in 1982.  It’s very rare to find this game in the table version.  It’s ready to plug and play.  We can set it up to take quarters or be on free play.   This is being sold by an arcade dealer with lots of experience.  The game comes with a 90 day warranty.

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The following is from the Arcade Museum:


In Pengo you are a penguin in a maze of ice-blocks. Slide the blocks to squash the Sno-Bees chasing you or electrocute them by trapping them along a wall. Score 10,000 points for aligning three special diamond blocks. You get bonus points are awarded for finishing a level quickly.

This game has 2 player capabilities.

Game Play

Pressing the Push button slides ice blocks across the playfield, stopping only when they hit another ice block or the wall. You can attempt to push an ice block in front of another causing it to crush. Sno-Bees will hatch from flashing ice blocks, but they can be killed before they hatch by crushing the block.

Aligning the three diamond blocks along a wall scores 5,000 points while aligning them within the playfield scores 10,000. The game has animated intermissions featuring penguins doing things like dancing, imitating Space Invaders, and playing a cocktail arcade game. The game’s music very catchy.

You can earn an extra life at 50000 pts.

Pengo makes a cameo appearance in Up-n-Down. If you manage to pass the first four rounds in under a minute each, Pengo will appear in the water of round five riding a surfboard.

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