Aladdin’s Castle Pinball Machine



Wouldn’t you like to play an intricate pinball from the 70’s?

With so much playability and opportunity for high scoring at hand, it’s hard not to love this pinball game. It is so simple to play and the game is very quick, and it will have you repeating “just one more game” again and again!


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Aladdin’s Castle Pinball Machine

The Aladdin’s Castle Pinball Machine is a basketball themed pinball game featuring Aladdin made in 1976 by Bally.  The cabinet has been repainted and does not have the original artwork on it.

This game was designed by Greg Kmiec

The artwork was done by Christian Marche


DISCLAIMER: This game has not been shopped out yet. We refurbish the games after they are bought and we can paint the sides of the game any solid color of your choice!


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Aladdin’s Pinball Machine Flyer


If you cross the pinball over A B C D then you have some serious skill and deserve those extra points!

Cross over C and D in order to activate the double bonus as well


All pinballs have the standard two flippers to play, but this is one of the pinballs that have three!

There are many opportunity specials that contribute to the fun of this game, including getting extra balls in play!



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