Bank a Ball Pinball Machine



A great billiards themed pinball machine.

This pinball has a backbox animation where little pool balls appear on the backglass when you hit the numbers.

This game is in very nice condition.



Bank a Ball Pinball Machine for Sale

Bank-a-ball is a pinball styled for a TV show and was built in 1994 by popular pinball machine maker Williams.

Bank a Ball is the 1st pinball machine that features flipper return lanes, the wireforms that allow the ball to roll behind the slingshot bumpers. Pinball machines made today still use this feature

This is one of Gottlieb’s famous wedge head single player games

This pinball has a backbox animation where little pool balls appear on the backglass when you hit the numbers.

This electro-mechanical pin has two flippers, three pop bumpers, and seven stand-up targets. There are two backbox animations. All pool balls glow on the pool table in the backglass at the start of the game, and all mechanical balls reset out of sight. When a player hits one of the illuminated pool ball targets on the playfield, the accompanying ball lights on the backglass switch off. this causes the pinball to reveal the mechanical ball in the backbox. Knocking all Solids or Stripes Targets activates the 8 Ball Target shot, allowing you to earn replays (free games). Making either of the side lane shots will earn you more free games.

Images of the game are actual pictures of the game that is for sale.

Rubber covering the game’s perimeter and the flippers makes it uncommon for a ball to become caught during a controlled shot.

This game is in very nice condition.


The following is from the International Pinball Database:

Manufacturer: D. Gottlieb & Company (1931-1977) [Trade Name: Gottlieb]
Date Of Manufacture: September, 1965
Model Number: 217
Type: Electro-mechanical (EM) [?]
Production: 3,400 units   (confirmed)
Serial Number Database: View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database (  (External site)
Theme: Sports – Billiards
Specialty: Mechanical Backbox Animation [?]
Notable Features: Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), Standup targets (7). Two backbox animations: at start of game, billiard table in backglass shows all balls lit up and all mechanical balls above it are reset out of view. Hitting lit numbered target on playfield turns off corresponding lit ball in backglass and mechanically drops that ball into view.

Maximum displayed score is 1,999 points.

Replay wheel maximum: 15

Sound: 3 bells, knocker

Design by: Ed Krynski
Art by: Roy Parker
Notes: The Add-a-ball version of this game is Gottlieb’s 1965 ‘Flipper Pool’.

‘Bank-A-Ball’ is the first pinball machine with flipper return lanes, which are wireforms that allow the ball to roll behind the slingshot and towards a waiting flipper. Paradise and its add-a-ball version Pleasure Isle were the first games to have return lanes.

The backbox on this game is sufficiently full with mechanisms such that there was no room on the back of the insert for the connector jacks to be installed to allow the playfield plugs to connect to them there.


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