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Black Knight


Here’s a Black Knight Pinball game for sale. This vintage pinball machine was the 1st Williams game to have a 2nd level. It is in very nice condition, and it’s a limited Edition. It was one of their most successful games of all time. Designed by Steve Richie who designed many other great games.

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Here’s a Black Knight Pinball game for sale. Designed by Steve Ritchie (who also voiced the Knight’s voice) and released by Williams Electronics. This Arcade is a two level playfield (a first for a pinball game) and started the pantented “Magna- Save” in which a player controlled magnet is used to evade outlane drains. Considered to be one the first two level and featured magna save. The later game such as (Jungle Lord, Pharaoh and Solar Fire) feature a variable type magna save in that the magnet is energized as long as the player likes (up to the time they have earned); on Black Knight the machine controls the magnet time (adjustable by the operator from three to ten seconds). Very nice, limited Edition

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Dimensions 50 x 36 x 72 in

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