Cleopatra Pinball Machine



This is Gottlieb’s very first electronic pinball ever to be made!

With a pretty challenging gameplay but easy rules to follow, Cleopatra is a remarkable pinball of its time. There is just something satisfying in collecting the bonus you earn after each ball. Buy this pinball and enjoy time with your friends and family whenever you want!

This game is very nice condition and looks like it does not have many plays on it.




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Cleopatra Pinball Machine

The Cleopatra Pinball Machine is a Egyptian themed pinball game featuring Cleopatra made in 1977 by Gottlieb

This game was designed by Ed Krynski

The artwork was created by Gordon Morison




Information From the Original Cleopatra Pinball Machine Flyer


This is the first Gottlieb electronic pinball made, and it has the option to play with up to four people!

With the Egyptian theme surrounding the Pharaoh, this pinball is an all around beautiful game that’s entertaining to play as well.  It features a very colorful playfield.



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