Cyclone Pinball Machine



The sounds and lights of this pinball make it very exciting to play whether you are with your family or even having a party!

Its distinctive layout separates it from other pinballs while at the same time adding to the overall theme and fun of itself. There is no way to pass Cyclone by without feeling the need to play and further explore every feature of the game and detail of the artwork! With a variety of different ways to score but keeping a simple set of rules you can always count on a good time with Cyclone.  One of the features is a jackpot that builds up from game to game without resetting until you collect it.


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Cyclone Pinball Machine

The Cyclone Pinball Machine is a Williams amusement park themed pinball made in 1988

This game was designed by Barry Oursler  He designed many other fun pinball machines like Comet, Pinbot, Hurricane and many others.

The software was created by Bill Pfutzenreuter


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Cyclone Pinball Machine Flyer


This pinball has all the fun you’re looking for in an amusement park, with the buzz of excited crowds and shrieks of people riding the shuttle. The combination is cleverly incorporated into the pinball gameplay itself so when you make the skillshot and ride the shuttle you make 100,000 points!

If you enjoy testing your luck as well, then don’t forget to try making the underground shot that activates the mystery wheel!


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