Deadpool Pro Pinball Machine



This game is in stock and available now.  It is brand new.  We took it out of the box and it’s on our showroom floor, so it has been played a few times.


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Deadpool Pinball Machine

The Deadpool pinball Machine is a newly made themed pinball game based on the Deadpool movies by Stern.  This game is available now and in stock. It is brand new and set up in my showroom.

This game was designed by George Gomez

The Artwork was done by Jeremy Packer



Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Deadpool Pinball Machine Flyer

Battle Deadpools’ Iconic Foes.  Each foe has a different mode with different shots and sequences.  There are at least 3 multi ball modes.

Some of the games features:

Ninja Sword lock. It has a unique shot to lock the balls by shooting the ball across the playfield, up a ramp and into the Katana sword.

The little Deadpool feature has 3 drop targets, and you lock the ball behind the drop targets.

This game comes with the Stern Insider internet connection



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