Demolition Man Pinball Machine



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Demolition Man Pinball Machine for Sale

This movie themed pinball machine was built in 1994 by popular pinball machine maker Williams. This pinball machine was designed by Dennis Nordman who designed many Bally and Williams pinballs.   Dennis Nordman made many great games like Elvira, Whitewater and many more. This is one of Williams “Super Pins” which is a wide body with lots of features.

Some of the unique features on this game are it has gun handle grips with a trigger and button.  You can control the flippers from these buttons and you get more points on the combos if you use those buttons.  It also has a player controlled magnetic Cyro Claw, which allow the player to move the claw to different positions to start different modes.  It has several multiball modes, lots of ramps and a car that you hit with the ball.



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