Eight Ball Deluxe Pinball Machine Limited Edition



Eight Ball Deluxe is one of the best Bally SS from that era! The Eight Ball Deluxe is also super fun to play! The playfield layout is superb in all ways.. There is so much to shoot at! It has everything you want and need in a single level playfield



Eight Ball Deluxe Pinball Machine

The Eight Ball Deluxe Pinball Machine is a billiards themed pinball game, made in 1982 by Bally.

This game was designed by George Christian

This games art was designed by Margaret Hudson

There were 2,388 Eight ball deluxe limited edition pinball machines created.

Many people consider this the best single level pinball machine ever made.  It is highly collectable.

Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Eight Ball Deluxe Pinball Machine Flyer


Fun horseshoe targets bank to shoot the pool balls,

While playing you will probably notice the voices, he calls each shot, reminding you if you have stripes or solids, what to shoot for and much much more.

One of it’s famous lines is “shoot the 8 ball corner pocket.  When you are not playing, the game says “Quit talkin and start chalkin.”

Some features of this game.

In line drop targets for bonus multiplier

Drop targets with memory, so it remembers which drop targets each player has hit down.

Collect bonus feature on the playfield

Many extra balls & specials

This pinball has a lot of quick action on the playfield, so I hope your reflexes can match.

It has a separate small LED display for each player that keeps a separate track of basket points from the main score.

The drop targets are difficult to hit because the upper half flippers are smaller and it has a spinner that changes the balls course when you’re unlucky enough to be caught in it’s path.




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