Evel Knievel



This game has a new playfield.  It comes with a new Ultimate MPU board.  This is a very collectible pinball machine

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Evel Knievel Pinball Machine

The Evel Knievel pinball machine was designed by Gary Gayton and released by Bally Manufacturing Corporation in July of 1976.

This game has a new playfield installed and the cabinet is touched really nice.

Electronic performance! Action styling!

3 Ways to score specials; double specials possible. Special scored when S-U-P-E-R is lit on the playfield by tricky timing to hit center target or shoot ball into the kickout hole when mystery-advancing arrow-light points to letter which is not yet lit. And lighting S-U-P-E-R with liberal adjustment gives player 2 Specials.

Important out ball. Ball exiting from playfield through left or right out lane scores. Special if adjacent Special light is lit by lighting C-Y-C-L-E, which requires kickback skill to return ball to top of playfield. Out ball also adds build-up bonus to total score. And out ball may return to shooter as Extra Ball.

Score-busy drop targets. Special is instantly scored when all 4 Drop Targets are down for third time  in each ball played. Extra Ball signal lights when all Drop Targets are down for second time in each ball play. Each Drop Target hit scores 500 and advances bonus 1,000. Various other skill objectives also advance bonus. 5,000 is scored and bonus is doubled when all 5 Drop Targets are down for first time in each ball play. First down also increases value of each spin of 2 Spinner Gates from 10 to 1,000.

35 ways to build score. Including Specials, Bonus and Extra Balls, busy playfield offers players 35 ways to pile up big scores.


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