Firepower Pinball Machine



The Ultimate Space Machine!

Climb into the cockpit, strap on your harness, double check the ejection seats, and it’s time for launch! You and 3 other pilots are all geared up and ready for the attack! Launch your fighter jets out of earth’s orbit and race through the thin outer atmosphere to initiate a full-scale attack on the enemy mother ship!

You have one mission only one mission: to save the planet Earth from the impending alien invasion! Clear eyes and full hearts captain! GOOD LUCK!

This exhilarating game from the year 1980 captures the essence of a futuristic space action thriller movie perfectly! Featuring ground-breaking technology like 3-ball multiball, player-activated lane switches and animated displays that bring the action to life on the backglass!

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Firepower Pinball Machine for Sale

This space-themed pinball machine was first built in 1980 by popular pinball machine maker Williams Electronics. Firepower pinball machine is a first-of-its-kind pin with multiple features that changed the world of pinball gaming as we know it.

This was the first pin to ever use a lane change that can be activated by the player by pressing the right flipper button, rather than by the CPU doing it in response to gameplay. Firepower was also the first game to utilize electronic multi-ball and animated displays. In 1980 these were cutting edge features for the pinball machine world!

With all this ground-breaking technology it’s no surprise the Firepower pinball machine won many industry awards.

These awards include the following:

  1. Category 1. Best Producer
  2. Category 2. Best Special Effects
  3. Category 3. Most Original Score
  4. Category 4. Best Performance
  5. Source: Original Flyer Click Here



Information From the Original Firepower Pinball Machine Flyer


Another pinball history-maker and profit record-breaker from Williams Electronics, Inc.

Another pinball FIRST
…for play appeal and profits that LAST!

*”multi-ball” multi-player!

*exclusive “lane change” feature!

*”ball saver shield” for longer play!


The Operator’s Choice
The Ultimate Space Machine!

A. Unique “Lane Change” Feature!

Work the flipper on the right for maximum scoring! Just a flick of the wrist will transfer the light and scoring potential from a lit top lane to an unlit lane for an additional skill feature that gives the player extra control in making all 4 top lanes!

B. “Multi-Ball” Bonanza!

Wipe out the alien by making 6 center targets! The victory lights 1 or 2 super-charged eject holes and has FIREPOWER report back “enemy destroyed”! Make all 6 targets a second time and light the second or third eject hole!

Then send the ball spinning into a flashing eject hole and it’s locked up . . . while FIREPOWER kicks a new ball into play! Lock up the second ball . . . get a third! Lock up the third ball . . . and all 3 balls are fired into play at the same time on the command “Fire 1, 2, 3” for 3 timre more excitement, 3 times more scoring power!

The memory feature insures each player retains the same number of lucked up balls from turn to turn for the ultimate test of individual skill. At the end of each game, all held balls are kicked out so that the “multi-ball” feature is completely equalized, from player to player, from game to game.

C. Blast the Spinner!

Increase Spinner’s value from 100 when unlit to 1000 when lit by knocking out all 6 center targets!

D. Energize FIREPOWER!

Make all 4 top lanes for 2X, 3X, 4X and 5X Bonus Multiplier and light “FIRE”! Hit 3 side targets and light “POWER”, the flipper return lanes for 3000 value and 3 bonus advancess! Light “FIREPOWER” and collect Firepower Bonus worth 10,000, 30,000, 50,000, Special! Make the Special and hear “Mission Accomplished”!

E. Arm Yourself with the “Ball Saver Shield”!

Make any bank of 3 targets and activate the “Shield” on the outside lane that propels the ball back onto the playfield for a longer scoring drive!

FIREPOWER Speaks of Ultimate Test

From the very first words at the start of each game, to “you are destroyed” if the game is tilted – and all other messages of daring and challenge during play – the play is urged on with a wild momentum that builds and builds!


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