Genesis Pinball Machine



Anyone can enjoy this eccentric pinball game

Whether you like to play casually or work on your skills, Genesis Pinball Machine was made for everyone! It has some great hits of the band Genesis in the 80’s, fun ramps, and an end objective of unlocking the robot that keeps you locked in and looking to play just one more game!

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Genesis Pinball Machine

The Genesis Pinball Machine is a was made in 1986 by Gottlieb

This game was designed by John Trudeau

The software was created by John Buras

The art was done by Don Marshall, Ken Hale, Larry Day


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Genesis Pinball Machine Flyer


You have a chance at a multiplier of 49x for single ball, and 98x for multiball scoring!

Complete the body part sequence to unveil the robot!


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