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Hurricane Pinball Machine

It’s awesome! Everyone wants to play at the park, and kids of all ages are already standing in line to ride the amazing HURRICANE.

Hurtling around on this roller coaster builds values to 1 Million and spots a letter in P-A-L-A-C-E. Spotting all the letters lights the jolly old Juggler for Jackpot! Streaking on the Comet can score Unlimited Millions, and Dunking the Dummy makes a big splash by advancing the Bonus Multiplier. Riding the first-ever Double Ferris Wheel awards its own bonus or a Quick Score. Hitting the Cat targets lights the Juggler for a Mystery Score on the backglass wheel.

For even more action, who better than the Juggler to start Multi-Ball  play? During Multi-Ball, the Hurricane picks up 1, 2 and 5 million consecutively. And loading 2 or 3 balls onto the Ferris Wheel at the same time scores 1 or 2 Million respectively. And then, when Multi-Ball is over, the player is awarded one second of multiple scoring frenzy for each second of Multi-Ball play. Lighting all 6 parts of the Clown Face and riding Hurricane starts Clown Time for increased scoring to the max!


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