Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure




How cool would it be to play a pinball version of some of Harrison Ford’s adventures in Indiana Jones?

       This awesome pinball is not just based off of the movie with its artwork, there are several recreations of the exciting things Jones has been through. There are four multiball modes – Regular, Quick, Well of Souls, and Eternal Life. You have to finish each mode before you can go on to the next.

We also add a color display to the game as well, which makes all of the video modes look and play much better. You can see more detail than ever before now!

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Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure

This is a pinball game made by Williams in 1993

It was designed by Mark Ritchie 

The software was created by Brian Eddy


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Indiana Jones Pinball Machine Flyer


As you play this pinball machine you get the awesome speech, music and sound effects of the 4-track digital playback.

You even get musical selections from all three movies in this one game!

There are 12 adventure modes – wow!



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