Led Zeppelin Premium Pinball Machine (in stock)



Don’t you love concerts? Classic Rock Music? Pinball?

This is a pinball game that has never been previously made! It stays true to the original music and work of the band Led Zeppelin, and pulls you in with its satisfying playfield and gameplay.

This pinball machine is brand new, and is available now, no need to order it and wait.


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Led Zeppelin Premum Pinball Machine

The Led Zeppelin Pinball Machine is a brand new rock-and-roll pinball game featuring Led Zeppelin made in 2021 by Stern

This game was designed by Steve Ritchie

The music was done by Led Zeppelin 




Information From the Original Led Zeppelin Pinball Machine Flyer


Ramps all around and awesome lights, this pinball game transports you all of the way back to the 80’s! Don’t forget to do your best and light up the L-E-D and Z-E-P drop targets, or the 2 ball-saver stand up targets!  This game has lots of multiballs.  This has a hidden spinner in the middle which adds a lot to the game play.

Be the best band member you can be by scoring the highest points possible!


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