Lost World



This pinball this age, in this condition is very rare.  You hardly come across a 44 year old game that has never been in an arcade!  You can see there is almost no wear and tear in the playfield.  The game looks almost brand new throughout (check out the pictures!).  The photos are of the actual game being sold.

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Lost World Pinball Machine

Bally’s Lost World pinball machine was originally released February 10th, 1977. For Bally, Lost World was a game of firsts. It was the first to use a photographic backglass, allowing the background image to have far more colors than were available prior as well as a fascinating 3D look. It was also the first machine Bally made that used electronic sounds rather than the traditional chimes.

This game was designed by Gary Gayton

The artwork was created by Paul Faris  He did many famous Bally Pinball machines

There were 10,330 pinballs created in 1978.

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