Nitro Ground Shaker Pinball Machine




This game has some great artwork.  The artist on this game did many famous Bally titles like Cap’t Fantastic, Mata Hari, Old Chicago and many more.  It has some very unique sound effects.  It features 2 separate bonuses, and you can collect them in a saucer on the playfield.  It also has drop targets and a spinner.

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Nitro Ground Shaker Pinball Machine

The Nitro Ground Shaker Pinball Machine is a Drag Race themed pinball game.  It was made in 1980 by Bally.

This game was designed by George Christian

He designed many great Bally pinball machines like Eight Ball Deluxe, Frontier, the original Eight Ball and many others.

The artwork was done by Dave Christensen

The pinball machine will be refurbished by our very experienced technicians and will be fully working.  It comes with our 90 day warranty.


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