Slugfest Pinball Machine


Targets score lit values as players swing at fast balls, change-ups, curves and screwballs in this 1 or 2 player game. Each player gets one pinch hitter per credit during which out targets are unlit and the ramp is up for a shot at the upper deck. Stealing bases when the runner flashes challenges both speed and coordination just like in the real game! With 2 players, the pitcher can even try to throw the runner out in a race for the base! With all the excitement and fanfare, players will be buying in to continue play as fast as they can say “Play ball”!


SLUGFEST introduces a brand new technology that makes the scoreboard come alive! It’s a dot matrix system that pulses with a spectacular light show including special effects, fireworks, player stats, even a heckler! Williams’ new dot matrix system makes diagnostics easier than ever – game adjustments are readily available at the push of a button. This is a good as it gets, sports fans! Come check out our Slugfest pinball machine at Vintage Arcade Superstore today!


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