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Stars Pinball Machine

Here is an original Stars pinball machine made by Stern in 1978.  This is one the early solid state pinball machines made by Stern.  There were 5127 of this game made.  This is the same Gary Stern that is still making pinball machines today.  It was designed by Steve Kirk, who also designed Meteor.  This game features 5 star targets, 2 drop target banks, and 2 spinners.  The spinners increase in value, one of them 200 points per star you have lit, and the other is between the drop targets, and goes up in value from 200 points to 600 or 1000 points if you hit down the center drop target.  If you hit the outside drop targets before hitting the center one, the center drop target becomes worth 7000 points.  Some very unique scoring for it’s time and a very fun game.  This game has chimes for it’s sound effects.

The artwork was done by Jorge Obregon

The pictures shown are of the actual game being sold.  The game is not yet refurbished, we go through the games when they are sold.  Please allow 2 to 3 months for it be ready to ship.

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