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World Fair Pinball Machine

Vintage Arcade Superstore is now home to a wonderful World Fair pinball machine for sale! This wedge-head pinball machine is a rare find, made by Gottlieb in 1964. The World Fair pinball machine is electro-mechanical and based off of the New York World’s Fair! This game’s carnival theme makes for a bright and entertaining game experience.

Notable features of the playfield include: 5 pop bumpers, 4 passive bumpers, and 2 slingshots. This pinball machine also features 11 numbered cars on the backglass, the playfield’s “Spin-Disc” spots any one of them. The game’s End-of-ball bonus scores 30 points and a spin of the Spin-Disc. The flyer for this particular machine is as follows:

Gottlieb’s World Fair Pinball Machine

Making rollovers lights numbered ferris wheel cars in light box.

New “Spin-Disc” Features spots any one of the 11 numbered cars.

Lighted red bumpers and out hole activate “Spin-Disc”.

Lighting all cars awards special and relights on rollover for additional special scoring.

Playboard Auto-Clamp. Stainless cabinet trim. Match feature.


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