Tiësto & KSHMR ‘SECRETS’ Filmed at VAS!

Vintage Arcade Superstore is proud to present the final product of Doomsday Entertainment  – SECRETS! This production is a collaboration of Tiesto and KSHMR, with vocals by Vassy. It’s an EDM anthem with great pop influences that you’ll love hearing again and again!

Filmed on location at the Vintage Arcade Superstore warehouse, VAS is excited to have been able to participate in the creation of this video. When scouting for locations, the Doomsday team was thrilled to find just what they were looking for in our warehouse – a proverbial arcade junk yard. The arcades in various states of reproduction and refurbishment created a perfect backdrop for the setting of the video. The production crew succeeded in creating a Tron-esque feel in the shop by covering many of the games and lights with plastic sheets.

For arcade lovers, watching the video is a science fiction dream come true. The cosmic laser tag and “cyborg” chip programming all use real arcade parts sourced directly from our shop. You see the two intruders searching for circuit boards while looking through a gutted Computer Space arcade. Even the motorcycle scene used a detached motorcycle from the game Motocross Go! If you’d like to come explore the set of this amazing video, please feel free to come by the VAS warehouse and check it out for yourself!

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