Vintage Arcade Superstore is proud to announce collaboration with Twin Galaxies!

With their recent move to North Hollywood, Twin Galaxies has reached out
to Vintage Arcade to provide them with classic arcade games. These games
are fully original and hopefully will be used in the near future to set
some new world records!

As the main record-keeper of all video game records, Twin Galaxies
understands the need to stay true to their vintage gaming roots.
Originally founded in 1981 to maintain high score records solely for
arcade games, Twin Galaxies has since expanded to include home consoles
and online gaming. They’ve recently announced their new partnership with
Guinness World Records, validating all Twin Galaxies high scores as
Guinness recognized records.

Vintage Arcade is thrilled to be connected so directly with the history
of classic gaming that embodies Twin Galaxies. At this time, we have
placed 6 games in their location: Rush’n Attack, Superman, Space
Invaders, Frogger, Donkey Kong, and Mario Bros. We will be placing more
machines there soon and will also be airing video ads on their live
Twitch stream, Twin Galaxies Live!

Check out and be watching for the Vintage Arcade
Superstore ads that will be airing soon!

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