Rent Our Showroom

 Looking for a great spot for your Arcade Party or event? Think about renting our Arcade Game & Pinball Machine Showroom!

Vintage Arcade Superstore has a showroom of over 50 arcade games and pinball machines right in the Los Angeles area that you can rent out for an afternoon or evening full of fun!

  • All of our games are on freeplay, which means that you don’t have to spend any quarters on them.
  • We have a huge mix of everything for your arcade party: pinball machines, classic 80’s arcade games, four player games, shooting games, and sit-down driving games!
  • Great for a party for all ages! Parents have just as much fun as their kids playing these classic games at an arcade party!
  • Our 2,000 square foot showroom is all set for hosting your party or event. Over 50 people can all play at once on all of our machines!
  • Feel free to bring food for your party as well!  No Alcohol is allowed. We just ask that they not be placed on any of the arcades games or pinball machines to avoid any damages.*
  • One of our technicians will attend your event to help turn on the games and answer any questions about how they’re played.**

Showroom Rental Pricing

If you’re interested in renting out Vintage Arcade Superstore’s Showroom for your event or party, we currently rent our space at $300/hr with a minimum of 2 hours. After the first two hours our prices drop to $250/hr. So if you’re hankering to get your fix playing all kinds of classic arcade games and pinball machines, please contact us to arrange your event today!

(Click and drag around to take a virtual 360 tour of our showroom!)

** For safety reasons, if one of the games breaks down, our technician cannot repair them during your event.
**Please note: If a game is damaged during the event you will be charged a repair fee. This excludes hardware or software failure due to age or pre-existing damage.**