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Swish (Basketball Game)

Vintage Arcade Superstore offers a wide variety of arcade games, pinball machines and all kinds of equipment and games for your business, parties, and homes. One such product is Swish a Basket ball shooting machine, perfect for your new gaming area.

This fast-paced kiddie basketball game encourages players to shoot and score as many baskets as possible in the time allotted. In the last ten seconds each basket is a three-pointer!

*Bay Tek Games Swish gameplay video is from YouTube User “MERIDYEN GAMES”*

The following is from the Swish Flyer:


Test your aim with the re-designed mini
basketball game Swish. In this fast-paced
redemption game, players have a preset time limit to shoot as many hoops as
possible. Hurry! Baskets made in the final
seconds of this coin-operated kiddie game
are worth three points each.

Electrical: 110V
Manufacturer: Bay Tek Games



Swish Dimensions:

  • width 2’11” / 89cm
  • Depth 5’7″ / 170cm
  • Height 6’6″ / 197 cm
  • Weight 460 lbs. / 209 kg



  • insert coin(s) in the labeled slot (unless game is on free play)
  • Press “start” button to begin the round
  • Shoot the ball into the basket to get the most amount of points possible

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