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Here is an original Asteroids Arcade game for sale.  This arcade game created the video arcade game boom that went from 1979 to 1982.

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Asteroids Arcade Game

For all the fans of vintage arcade gaming out there Vintage Arcade Superstore has an original Asteroids arcade game up for sale! You can get this game with side art touched up by our in-house restoration team, or you can get your game fully restored with all new artwork for an additional $900. This game also uses the original black and white XY or vector monitor.

The original Asteroids arcade game was released on November of 1979 by Atari and it’s no surprise to most gamers that it grew to be Atari’s best selling video game of all time. The game starts with two flying saucers attacking you. Using your ship you have to shoot asteroids out of the sky in order to protect your ship. And, as one expects from the Asteroids arcade game, each asteroid would break into many small pieces before being completely destroyed.

During the arcade boom in 1979 to 1982 it was common to see two to three Asteroids lined up together for arcade-goers to play alongside one another. Players all over the world worked to figure out the most efficient way to destroy the asteroids and eventually settled on a play tactic called hunting. Players leave a single asteroid flying around, and hunt for the small flying saucer. Some players were so impressive that they even began to line up bonus ships across the entire top of the screen!


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