Here’s a Battlezone Arcade game for sale! Find and destroy enemy tanks in this classic 1980 arcade game. Watch out for UFOs!

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Here’s a Battlezone Arcade game for sale. Battlezone is a classic arcade game of the arcade golden era. Released by Atari in 1980, Battlezone was popular for many years due to it’s unique gameplay and features. Using vector graphics, your goal is to search out enemy tanks and destroy them without being detected and killed. You also need to be on the lookout for missiles and UFOs that randomly appear throughout the sky. A classic, original Battlezone can be yours! This classic arcade game is sold in the original cabinet with original side art, touched up by our professional art restoration department. This game includes an original Battlezone PCB circuit board, fully working controls and vector monitor! A full restoration of this classic arcade is also available for an additional $600.

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