Here’s a Burgertime Arcade game for sale! Build the burgers in this fun maze game! Avoid the evil hotdogs, eggs, and pickles!

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Here’s a Burgertime Arcade game for sale. You play chef Peter Pepper who is trying to assemble four massive hamburgers. Released by Data East in 1982, BurgerTime was very successful both as an arcade game and as a port for other consoles. The object of the game is for Peter Pepper to assemble the hamburgers while avoiding the evil Mr. Hotdog, Mr. Egg, and Mr. Pickle. Avoid your enemies by stunning them with pepper shots, crushing them with burger parts, or getting them to fall with dropped burger parts. Additional pepper shots can be won by collecting bonus ice cream, french fries, or coffee. The classic BurgerTime cabinet has a chef’s hat cut into the top, which is very hard to find original. We can still make you a special BurgerTime conversion using a Pacman style cabinet and adding BurgerTime artwork on the marquee and control panel! Upgrade your arcade to a 19″ LCD for an additional $250! If you would like this fully restored with brand new artwork (including side art, control panel artwork, marquee, and bezel) the cost is an additional $500.

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