Gauntlet (4 Player)



One of the most popular arcade games from the mid 1980’s.

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Navigate with through mazes teeming with ghosts, demons, and treasure in this classic dungeon crawl arcade game. Released in 1985 by Atari, Gauntlet was one of the first four player arcade games of it’s kind. The players choose which of the four characters they wish to play: The Warrior, The Wizard, The Valkyrie, or The Elf. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses and players can cooperate to successfully clear each level. Enemies drain a player’s health, but it also drains slowly on it’s own giving each level a time limit. Each player has a joystick and two buttons, one to fire or fight enemies, and the other to use magic. Food can be picked up to restore health, and potions can be picked up that will destroy all the enemies on the screen. This classic game comes in the original cabinet with original control panel, marquee, and side art and a 19 inch CRT monitor. We can fully restore this classic with all new artwork. Does the original cabinet not matter? We can retrofit the original Gauntlet circuit board into a larger cabinet, with a wider control panel for easier multiplayer use, and include the 25 inch CRT monitor upgrade for only $100 more!

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