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Here is a Golden Axe arcade game for sale.  Rescue the King and Princess of Yuria from the evil Death Adder in this hack ‘n’ Slash arcade game! Released in 1989 by Sega, Golden Axe has become a favorite in the fantasy arcade genre. Players choose which of the three characters they wish to play: Ax Battler the Barbarian, Tyris Flare the Amazon, or Gilius Thunderhead the Viking Dwarf. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses and use different kinds of magic. Each player has a joystick and three buttons, one to jump, one to attack, and one magic. Players can also knock enemies off of their flying animals and use them to fly and attack. This classic game comes in a conversion cabinet with the control panel and marquee artwork and a 19 inch CRT monitor.  It comes with the original Sega system 16 circuit board.  You can also upgrade to either a 25 inch CRT monitor OR a 19 inch LCD monitor for $250!

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