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Mousetrap Arcade Game

Mousetrap is a maze-style arcade game, released in 1981 by Exidy games. The object of the Mousetrap arcade game is fairly simple, players must navigate a maze and eat pieces of cheese arranged along pathways in the game. But beware! The maze is also riddled with danger: up to six cats, starting with at least two, also wander the maze looking for a mouse to eat. To avoid hungry cats players not only navigate the maze but open and close a handful of color-coded doors. In a pinch players can attempt to escape from enemies by accessing the teleportation pad in the center of the playfield. The teleporter will randomly send the mouse to one of the four corners of the maze—whether they happen to be safe or not!

During gameplay, eating a doggy bone will grant players the ability to turn into a dog (by pressing the dog button on the control panel). While transformed into a dog players are able to eat cats, but watch closely because cats aren’t the only enemies you’ll experience. Every once in a while a hawk will fly through the maze, aiming for the player. The hawk can fly over walls and will eat any animal on the screen including cats and the player whether they are a mouse or dog.


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