Pacmania Arcade Game

The Pacmania arcade game is another sequel to Namco’s famous Pacman games.

In this 3-D sequel, Pac-Man gets to eat and run from ghosts in four different mazes, each complete with its own theme music and name. Some of the levels include the LEGO-like Block Town, the original maze Pac-Man’s Park, the closed-off top Sand Box Land, and the extremely large Jungly Steps which looks like a bunch of steps.

Play may be started on any of the first three mazes (not available on the Japanese version). Pac-Man can jump over ghosts, but in addition to the original four ghosts, up to four more have been added, depending upon the level. Sue has returned, but she is now colored purple and is aggressive. A green ghost, Funky, has the ability to jump on higher levels, where there are always two Funkies. There is also a silver ghost called Spunky who has the same ability to jump, but unlike Funky, Pac-Man cannot jump over him.

Another new feature in this game is the appearance of special items in addition to the fruit bonuses cherries, strawberries, oranges, apples, bananas, apricots, bells, and keys. These items include candy, hamburgers, ice cream cones, coffee, and two special kinds of power pills. The pills, which appear in addition to the traditional power pills, give Pac-Man more points for eating ghosts and give him extra speed, both of which come in very handy during gameplay.


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