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  • For an extra $900 we can fully restore this arcade game, using reproduction artwork, a new power supply, and original circuit board.

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Space Invaders Arcade Game

Space Invaders is a arcade game, released in 1978 by Midway Manufacturing Co. This arcade classic features a single-player style cabinet with both single-player and versus games. When it was first released, Space Invaders became so popular that it caused a tremendous coin shortage in Japan—necessitating almost quadruple the production of Yen coins.

If you’re looking for this game you’re in luck, we have a Space Invaders arcade game for sale . At Vintage Arcade Superstore we take the time to create quality refurbished and even fully restored arcade games. Whether you would like to play Space Invaders with all-new hardware or you prefer 100% original parts for your arcade games, we are here to serve.





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