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  • For another $500 we can upgrade this game with the Super Off Road Track Pak
  • Fully restore this game with new side art, a new control panel overlay and more for an additional $900

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Super Off Road Arcade Game

Super Off Road was released by Leland in 1989, and officially titled  “Ironman Ivan Stewart’s Super Off Road”. Each round of the Super Off Road arcade game is composed of four laps around a race track, players take one of three steering wheels and race around the track. Super Off Road also features a relatively unique cabinet with a 25″ monitor and three color-coded steering wheels in red, yellow and blue.

The game has eight tracks available for players to race on: Sidewinder, Wipeout, Blaster, Fandango, Huevos Grande, Cliffhanger, Big Dukes and Hurricane Gultch. At the beginning of each round, players are also given the chance to enter their initials and select a nationality from the following groups: United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, Australia, Italy, Germany and France.

There are a handful of ways that players can earn money—by collecting the bags of cash scattered throughout the course, by adding credits to the game, or by placing well during the race. Players are awarded cash prizes for finishing first, second or third during each race. The prize for first place is $100,000, for second it’s $80,000 and for third it’s $70,000. Those cash winnings can then be used to upgrade player trucks with new parts including:

  • Nitro (gives truck a speed boost) – $1,000/each
  • Tires (tightens truck turning) – $40,000/each
  • Shocks (reduces bounce-back when going over bumps) – $60,000/each
  • Acceleration (increases speed of starting power) – $80,000/each
  • Top Speed (overall increase to maximum speed) – $100,000/each















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