Here is a Tempest Arcade game for sale. In this game your in a closed tube or open field which is viewed from one end and is divided from one end and is divided into a dozen or more segments or lanes as you shoot down enemy targets.

Featuring one of the most attractive cabinet designs, Tempest is undoubtedly the most popular rotatory and optical button controlled game of the arcade era. 

 Tempest is featured in the music video for the Rush song, Subdivisions, and features prominently in the cult novel, Ready Player One, and the cult film, Night of the Comet. Featured in The Encyclopedia of Arcade Video Games: Page 107; Arcade Fever: Page 84


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Here is a Tempest Arcade game for sale.This is a classic xy monitor Atari game. This was Atari’s first color XY arcade game. You have a vanishing-point perspective from the top looking down into different shapes. The enemies come from the bottom and work their way up towarrds the top. You have a super zapper that you can use once in each level.  The game can be upgraded to a LCD monitor to make it more reliable.  This requires a special XY to VGA converter.  We have a new board available that can play Tempest, Major Havoc and Omega Race all in the same cabinet. 

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