Zaxxon uses an isometric three-quarters perspective that was a unique concept to arcade games of that era. Other popular games like Congo Bongo and Future Spywould build on that Zaxxon boardset. Touted as 3D, the flight-simulator mechanics and cross-hair targeting made it the most popular game at the local arcade for a succession of months in 1982. This unit has the WICO 8-way joystick upgrade with custom button (not pictured on the advertisement art). Featured in Arcade 1 Historical Guide to arcade Machines Vol. 1: Page 301; The Encyclopedia of Arcade Video Games: Page 142; Arcade Fever: Page 120


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Here is a Zaxxon arcade game for sale.  This is one the very first 3D graphics arcade games ever made.  Zaxxon came out in 1982 and was made by Sega.  It has a flight controller style joystick.  It was very popular in the arcades back in 1982.  This game is in the original cabinet and has the original Zaxxon circuit board inside of it.  It comes with a 19″ CRT monitor.  You can upgrade it to an LCD for an extra $250.

1982.Sega/Gremlin. Standard, Upright Cabinet. Measures 71.5 x25.5 x 30.5″.

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