Attack From Mars Pinball Machine



How much do lights and aliens interest you?

This pinball has both! While struggling to score high and defeat the Martians, you can make many a fun nights out of this popular pinball made by Bally. If you are capable, then shoot the UFO and attack the Martians that move so you can save the day!


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Attack From Mars Pinball Machine

The Attack From Mars Pinball Machine was created in 1995 by Bally

This game was designed by Brian Eddy

The software was created by Lyman F. Sheats Jr.

The game became so popular that in 2017 there was actually a limited edition remake done!

Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Attack From Mars Pinball Machine Flyer


It is a otherworldly themed pinball where Martians are on the offense!

There is stimulating and simple gameplay that any pinball player will enjoy, no matter how skilled


This pinball has very distinctive rules and you can light many different features at once

Don’t hold back when you play, just do your absolute best because you might be able to conquer the Martians and rule the universe!



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