Ball Park Pinball Machine by Williams



A classic Pitch & Bat Machine!

This game features the men that run around the bases.

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Ball Park Pinball Machine for Sale

Pitch & Bat Style Gameplay

Who’s up for a game of Baseball? 1968 is known in baseball history as “the year of the pitcher.” And that’s just who you’re up against in this pitch & bat pinball! The modern era of pinballs basically all follow the same format: pull the plunger, then release and your ball shoots up the right side and into play. But in the 60s the pinball machine was still in development, and reaching all new heights in popularity across the country; many creative playfields were invented including this fantastic game!

On this playfield you’ll find an actual baseball diamond complete with an outfield and real runners. There’s even a pitcher who can’t wait to strike you out, and you are the batter of course. SA-wing batta batta batta SA-WING! Will it be a shut out? Or perhaps you’ll dominate with a grand slam! Now you can own the machine and finish that perfect sports cave with a classic machine that is a blast for all ages and skill levels.

This game is a Pitch & Bat Baseball pinball machine. It was built in 1968 by popular pinball machine maker Williams. The game has real baseball players that run around the bases and keeps score like a real baseball game using runs and outs. You can score a single, double or triple or just strike out too! Williams made the best pitch & bat games.  This game features hanging targets that you hit with the little ball.  These old baseball games are very collectible.  There were only 751 of this game made, so it’s pretty rare.  This game is working great and is in good condition. It’s time to play ball!



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