Blackout Pinball Machine




This game has a unique playfield layout.  It has 2 sets of 3 drop targets, one in the middle, and one at the top.   You try to get condition, green, yellow and red.  If you do you light the feature that turns off the lights and get the blackout effect.  This is the 1st pinball game to have the computer turn off all of the general illumination lights.

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Blackout Pinball Machine

The Blackout Pinball Machine is a sci-fi themed pinball game made in 1980 by Williams.

This game was designed by Claude Fernandez

The software was created by Paul Dussault

The artwork was done by Constantino MitchellJeanine Mitchell

This game must have had a popular layout as it was remade 3 times.  Rowamet’s ‘Heavy Metal’ and Taito do Brasil’s 1983 ‘Vortex’. A nearly identical layout was used on Williams’ 1982 ‘Warlok’.  Warlok had different scoring and is very rare.

The pictures shown are of the actual game being sold.


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