Corvette Pinball Machine



How do such completely different concepts fit together so well?

With this corvette-to-pinball combination, two very different worlds merge into a completely new and exciting experience! You can complete all of the races that your heart desires and improve your pinball skills at the same time, so don’t lose your chance to buy Corvette before someone else does!



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Corvette Pinball Machine

The Corvette Pinball Machine was made in 1994 by Midway

This game was designed by George Gomez

The software was created by Tom UbanBill Grupp

The artwork was done by Dan Hughes

Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Corvette Pinball Machine Flyer


With a drag strip course and 13 international race tracks where you can collect ten famous corvette models, this pinball has everything you need to fulfill your corvette dreams!

It has “christmas tree” starting lights and a replica LT5 engine that you can load the ball into that gets the whole experience started with its idling engine.


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