Dipsy Doodle Pinball Machine



What a work of art! If you know anything about Christian Marche and his artwork in Dipsy Doodle you can see that he worked to make the ‘pointy people’ stand out throughout the game.

It is has the simpler scoring system so if you like to stick to the original pinballs don’t miss out on this classic! You can also light the side rollover lanes to open the ball return gate once the green and yellow jet bumpers are lit.


Dipsy Doodle Pinball Machine

The Dipsy Doodle Pinball Machine is a Williams pinball machine made in year 1970

This game was designed by Norm Clark

The art was created by Christian Marche


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Dipsy Doodle Pinball Machine Flyer


A classic pinball with beautiful colors and a playful design

This game also has a unique feature unlike any other pinball with a little ball moving back and forth in the middle of the playfield-and if you get it going then it will score you even more points!

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