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Disco theme. Bannana flippers. From 1978 from Williams

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Disco Fever Pinball Machine

Disco theme. Banana flippers. From 1978 from Williams.

Distinct carry over Memory holds over any part of D-I-S-C-O and A-B Features.

Make A-B and start dancin’!

When A & B light up, this increases target value up to 30,000. The Memory Feature carries over from ball to ball any part of A or B.

Make D-I-S-C-O …get the fever!

Hit the Bull Eues and score up to 5,00 as smooth flipper work dances the ball back up to the top. Plus increased bonus by X2, X3 and X5. The Memory Feature will hold over any part of D-I-S-C-O.

New “2-Way” Sound System.

Every action area on the playing board has an electronic synthesized sound. Much like those used in current hit Disco records. This 2-Way Sound System allows you to go from “Boogie” Sound to a far-out “Sci-Fi” Sound, with the flip of a switch.

Drop the Targets… get on down!

When you hit these targets they go down. Lower all five Drop Targets and make F-E-V-E-R for extra balls and special scores.

New “Banana” Flippers

Another industry first. The curved surface of this new flipper allows the player to put “English” on the ball

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