Eight Ball Pinball Machine



The classic Billiards theme Machine!

This game is in very nice condition.  The playfield is in exceptionally good condition.


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Eight Ball Pinball Machine for Sale

This Billiards themed pinball machine was first built in 1977  by popular pinball machine maker Bally. This pinball machine was designed by George Christian who designed many Bally pinballs.  The artwork was done by Paul Faris who did many Bally pinball machines in this time period.  This is the 1st pinball machine with memory and recall, where it saves which pool balls you have hit for all 4 players.

This game has other unique features for it’s time.

It has 2x, 3x and 5x bonus.

Super bonus when you complete 1-8

It was the 1st pinball to have memory and recall, it saves the numbers you got from ball to ball for each player.

This game was one of Bally’s most successful games they ever made.  It inspired the game Eight Ball Deluxe.


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