Flip Flop Pinball Machine



With such a vibrant and colorful play field and back glass, the Flip Flop pinball is a fun and fulfilling time for you!

With so many flippers, two kickout holes and two bumpers there is a lot of movement and fun to be had. There are also traps to make it difficult and challenge you to keep trying harder!


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Flip Flop Pinball Machine

The Flip Flop Pinball Machine is a pinball made in 1976 by Bally

This game was designed by Jim Patla

The art was created by Dick White



Information From the Original Flip Flop Pinball Machine Flyer


You don’t just get two or three flippers, as this pinball has four total and the second pair are halfway up the panel to give you twice the chance to score big!


You can get the bonus starting at 1,000 and continue making it up to 10,000

If you ball pass through any of the bottom four lanes when they are lit, you can score 5,000 points!



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